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Aaron Gilbert Design Inc. provides thoughtful interior design solutions for residential and commercial clients, creating spaces which reflect the client's personality or brand. Consulting services are available for programming and design for healthcare and senior living projects.

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Piazza d'Italia: A Paradigm Shift Away From Modernism

The Piazza d’Italia was both acclaimed and reviled by critics.  Ten years later, Charles Moore acknowledged both his supporters and detractors, feeling that both the amount and ferocity of the debate indicated the importance of the subject.  This is the essence of the paradigm shift initiated by Postmodernism.  With its use of historical elements and ornament in a distorted or playful way, Postmodernism resembles a Mannerist style more than a defined movement.  Its exaggerated approach demands response and invites discussion.  This shift has had an enduring impact in architecture.

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The Globalisation of Feng Shui

"Practised in China for over 6,000 years, feng shui has played a significant role in shaping the country’s architecture. Despite attempted suppression during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s, feng shui has not only remained prominent in its country of origin, but has become well known across the Western world too."

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Church as Branded Environment

In the Branded Environments class, we were to explored a branded environment that was not focused on the sales of goods or services. The instructor loosely defined a branded environment as an experiential design, with intent to manipulate (not necessarily in a bad way). In my mind, the prototype of that definition would be a church. Fortunately, I have a Gothic church right across the street.



These days, I find myself daydreaming about space... be it my most recent project, my home, my next home, or my next vacation.

Daydreaming is not new to me. It is rare that my head and my body are in the same place. When my mind is not buried deep in a book, it is usually somewhere in the clouds. I daydream as I walk down the street, as I ride the bus, as I go from place to place at work. Often it gets me into trouble. I miss my bus stop and get off the elevator on the wrong floor. I trip over the pavement and run into things. However, I would hate to miss all the wonderful images and thoughts.