Aaron Gilbert Design Inc.


Aaron Gilbert Design Inc. provides thoughtful interior design solutions in Chicago, creating spaces which reflect the client's personality or brand. 


Aaron Gilbert Design Inc. focuses on home & business interior design, with special emphasis on: 


• expressing the client’s unique personality or brand

We work to make your space reflect you. Your home should be an extension of your personality. Your workplace should embody your brand.

• creating function & delight in small spaces

We work with all different sizes of clients and projects. However, the small space presents a wonderful challenge. Whether it be a storefront business, a condo unit, an office cubicle, or a den, we work with your space to maximize both function and beauty.

• adding meaning & connection to design

Aesthetic decisions are often arbitrary. We strive to make our designs relevant to you. When applicable, theory and evidence-based design can infuse meaning into your space. Attention to concepts such as gender, culture, stage of life, health, or ecology can increase connection to your surroundings.