Aaron Gilbert Design Inc.

Interior Design

Uptown Bathroom

The client had a tiny bathroom in a vintage condo in the Uptown area of Chicago. The fixtures were outdated and there was inadequate storage and counter space. The bathroom was poorly lit and dreary.

The toilet was rotated to allow the vanity to be extended. The tub was replaced with a tiled shower. Quartz pink walls, a chandelier, and art was added to reflect the eclectically curated feel of the rest of the home.

Edgewater Balcony

The client had a small balcony that had gone unused for several years. They wanted to use the existing chairs to create a sitting area.

An outdoor rug and nesting end tables were added to transform the space into an outdoor room. The clients had an affinity for bold colors, and the design needed to complement the adjacent dining room. Plants were added along the rail and trained up the walls to create an oasis. The seating was oriented to direct the line of sight over the neighboring buildings to the downtown skyline.


Senior Housing

This project was in the context of a graduate level design course. The students met with the client, a resident of a subsidized senior housing project. Her unit was a small one bedroom apartment, and she expressed a desire for a space that felt 'chic' and colorful. She also needed ample storage space and room for entertaining friends and family. Each student had the opportunity to create a design proposal.

The apartment was segmented into tiny rooms. I proposed removing the wall to open up the space into a large studio. This also permitted all four windows to bring light into the apartment. The Murphy bed could be raised to create a large area for hosting groups of people. Rich woods were used to create built in seating, cabinets, and shelves. 


Dialysis Center

This is a proposal for a dialysis center that could be implemented in a dense urban area. The design is evidence-based, both in terms of healthcare design and medical care, with a focus on improving clinical outcomes and maximizing patient and staff satisfaction.


Hotel Rooms

These are design renderings from two different hotel room proposals.



This is a proposal for a spa within a highrise hotel. The two level wet area includes a pool, hot and cool tubs, and lounge area. The area for spa treatments is divided by custom modules of molded wood and glass.


Cabaret Nightclub

This proposal is for a cabaret nightclub for a older hotel with a dense column grid. The entry area serves as a bar. The cabaret spans two levels, with views of the performers from all seats.